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With the ever-burgeoning home/housing market and “Production Builders” cranking out homes as fast as they can, there is still a need for a builder who is willing to take the time to get your project “Just Right”. Willow Bay is that builder. At Willow Bay Builders, it’s not a race to see how many homes we can build, but a steady quest to build a list of satisfied homeowners who will treasure their homes (and the experience of building that home) for years to come.



At Willow Bay Builders, we understand choosing to commit to the construction of a new, customized home can be very daunting at best of times and discouraging at worst for those who are inexperienced with the process. Building a custom home in real life is not like building one on TV. Drama may be fun to watch on HDTV, but when building your home, we avoid it like the plague!

We will guide you through the design and selection process, provide a timeline for your project and help you stick to it!

True Customization Begins With You, The Client!

Of all the hype you may hear from other sources, the single most important skill you may want from your builder is excellent communication. Many folks can build a home but communicating concisely with the client and turning their dream into a finished product, with no drama, requires a special skill. All the team members at Willow Bay Builders have been at this for a long time, through an amazing diversity of homes and clients. Our communications skills run as deep as our knowledgebase!


Green Building has many different facets and we can match those which are most important to you with what your needs demand and your budget permits. Building science advances every year and we keep pace with the changes, so you don’t have to.

Why We Are Keen On Going Green!

Green homes, by their nature are better built, more efficient homes. The consensus is that they should have a longer life cycle, while providing their occupants with a healthier and more cost-effective home. We are keen on “Green” not only because it is the right thing to do. In the long run, it will save you money while providing your family with a more comfortable and healthier home.


Our small remodeling crews are great for additions, basements and outbuildings. These small crews will complete your job from beginning to end. That means the skilled craftsman who framed your project will be the same person to hang the cabinets and install the trim. Fewer problems, fewer call-backs and a quality job, the first time!


Floor Plans

Willow Bay Builders specializes in custom designed and custom built homes. Below is a sampling of 6 of our floor plans. We have many more floor plans, and the customization options are endless. Often we’ll begin with one of our floor plans, no two of our homes are ever the same. We’ve also designed many floor plans from scratch.



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Willow Bay Builders is committed to producing the highest quality projects, maintaining lasting relationships, providing excellent service and maintaining a safe work environment.

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